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john harbaugh a victory over his little brother jim in super bowl xlvii. the fans who packed the super dome came to see the big game and the big game entertainment. beyonce headlined the half-time show e that featured a reunion with her former girl group destiny's child. >> beyonce was wonderful. i loved every second. >> i don't think she was lip syncing today. >> reporter: and in true new orleans fashion, fans kept the celebration going into the morning bringing the party to bourbon street. >> it's been a long season. >> we made it all the way baby, and it's time to give a little kaka. >> reporter: ravens fans in baltimore joined in. some got out of hand forcing cops to move in. vanita nyel, new orleans.
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the system detected a problem and that triggered the lights to go out. the mayor of new orleans wants a full explanation of what happened in the next couple of days. the game happened in two parts, as you know, the ravens controlled the first half and the second half kickoff, look at jacoby jones, 108 yards to tie, a record in the super bowl. giving baltimore a 22 point lead and after the power delay, 9ers got juiced up. colin kaepernick's touchdown got them within 2 points and sadly that's as close as this game would get. >> i would to handle this with class and with grace. there's several, you know opportunities in the game. the ravens made a lot of plays. our guys battled back to get back in it. >> a harbaugh is upset that a pass interference was not called on the 4th and goal for the 9ers right there trying to get the bawl to michael crab
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tree. baltimore wins it. the 9ers are expected in the bay area later this afternoon, michelle griego is still in the big easy this morning. she joins us now after quite a night last night, i guess on bourbon street and the french quarter, right. >> reporter: oh, no kidding, i think every night the crowd was out there in the french quarter and bourbon street and again last night. you know, the super dome holds more than 76,000 people but a lot of people that came into town for the super bowl did not have tickets for the game, so they ended up watching the game in sports bars and that's what happened last night. we went to about three sports bars last night to watch the game with some of the 49ers fans and a bank that put a big screen outside so all the fans could watch. at one point it looked like the ravens had it, then the 49ers came up, playing with some of
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the fans emotions and the outcome is not what they wanted or expected but the 49ers fans still love their team. how are you feeling right now. >> i'm hurt, but i flew out from california, but you know what, i tell you right now, new orleans has a beautiful city, with beautiful people and i couldn't ask for a better time, you know, but next year we're going to win it all, 49ers nation, the faithful. >> reporter: and it's so true, new orleans has been the perfect host for super bowl xlvii and all of these people who are heartbroken, but you know what, that did not stop them from having a good time. i think there's still people on bourbon street, frank, still celebrating and drinking their so release away, who -- sorrows, who knows. >> we're going to have you report from new orleans all week long, how does that sound. >> i would be okay with that actually, i wouldn't mind spending another week here.
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>> there grow. michelle griego live for us and fibbing maybe a little. i think she wants to come back home. 4:35 now, 25 people were arrested in san francisco during and after the game. two women got into a fight at 3 3rd and king street and there were a couple dozen other arrests around the city for public drunkenness. police paroled the streets in riot gear and were prepared for more much more disorder. >> they see the police presence and try to calm themselves down. you'll get a messer a little bit. but you get that everywhere. >> two people through bottles at officers and one person was arrested after trying to light something on fire. that was at 16th street and. they are describing the reaction as pretty low key. a tough night for fans in the south bay, although they had a reason to cheer in the come back attempt in the 2nd
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half. fans pretty fired up and strangers high fiving one another as the 49ers scored several times after the power failure at the super dome but ultimately we know what happened, don't we. >> we should have won. we should have took it. >> it hurts. it hurts. it hurts like none other. you go through your whole entire life, i went to 94, you know, my only time, but it hurts to lose in that game. the top of the top, and you go down like this, it's rough. it's a rough game to lose. >> 49er fans are in agreement the team will come back stronger next year. >> and i think the tough part for us is they had the ball within the 10 and four cracks
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of the end zone and couldn't get it in. >> there's going to be controversy, with an experienced quarterback would they have scored. >> they went to crab degrees you have randy moss, vernon davis. all the second guessing, but they were a great team this year. they deserved to be there. it was a tough game. low clouds and fog have stretched on shore. looks like it's going to be slow to break up outside. high pressure trying to dig in too, we'll manage to squeeze in sunshine a little bit later on. a cloudy start if you are headed outside. the bay bridge still looking beautiful out there with the new lights if you want to check that out. what a site to see. we have 30s in livermore. 50 in oakland, 47 degrees in san francisco. we're planning on highs in the 50 supervise low to mid-60s in the -- 50s and low to mid-60s. and we'll check out the roads are elizabeth. when we first got in the door, we were watching fender
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wednesdayers, including one traffic -- fender benders, including one traffic alert. all lanes back open northbound 280 approaching northbound 101 so that traffic alert has been canceled. elsewhere to the south bay we're watching a crash northbound 101 at mckee. you'll notice the live drive time sensors showing top speeds all around san jose and the rest of the bay. 880/237 flowing nicely. coming up, a check of mass transit. it is nearly 4:39 now, san jose police are looking into a shooting that killed one person is and injured another on the city's east side. officers were called to the audubon drive shortly after 9. one victim pronounced dead at the scene and the other rushed to the hospital with injuries not considered life threatening. so far no suspects have been identified and the motive remains unclear.
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investigators are trying to determine whether the shooting may have been gang related. and a one alarm fire leads authorities to a marijuana grow house in a residential neighborhood near north king and mckee roads. there were no issues and the cause is under investigation. other bay area news on this monday, san francisco's police commission will hold a community forum this evening on whether to arm some police officers with tasers. it is the second of three public hearings that are scheduled to be at 6:00 tonight at the scottish rite center. and the 49ers are due to play their final game at candle stick at the end of next season and soon after that the stadium is expected to be imploded. they report a shopping center is being planned in its place. how about that. count down, underway towards the opening of the new bay bridge span. governor jerry brown got it
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started on kpix5 last night right after the super bowl. >> we're not going to have any blackouts. >> let's hope not! . there it is. >> there it is, the green light is going, you can see on your screen, there's a count down clock. >> labor day weekend is when the new eastern span is scheduled to open after eleven years of construction and 6 1/2 million dollars later, the project is almost done. there are events planned for the long awaited opening, a bike cross the bridge and a dedication sunday september 1 september 1st and the next day, labor day, a 10k run and walk across the bridge. it is 4:441 president obama, speaks out on the ban on gay scouts. and a shocking scene outside buckingham palace, police sub sued a knife
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wielding man. coming your way. (screaming) what kind of man kills a... ...cop in cold blood? re-creating a fan-favorite episode... hey! ...from the original hawaii five-o. you think he's going to kill again? the question is: how many people are on the list? with guest star peter weller. it's bang-bang time. kono: he's on the roof. i'm going to draw his fire. take the shot. go retro with the new hawaii five-o. exactly. cbs tonight.
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buckingham palace. officers used a lis lis in london have arrested a man. officers used a stun gun to stop him. he appears to be holding a knife in each hand. police approached him, used the taser, he dropped to the ground and officers arrested that man. everything is on video. a little scary. lawrence is here are a peak at weather and we're willmenting a big lament -- lamenting a big loss. at first you think it's going to be a blow out and all of a sudden they come back. >> that last quarter was amazing. >> we have an exclusive camera out there now on the new bay bridge. we are getting ready to launch that and it's looking good out there right now. nice and quiet early on this morning. you can see the new bridge and the old one. >> at the top.
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>> yeah, looking back down there. isn't that cool, we have a lot of fog out there in the bay area and that will be the big concern throughout the day. it's going to start to break up in the bay area as we head outside. it will be a while before it does. we're going to keep the temperatures down just a bit. partly cloudy this afternoon. cool along the coastline, mild further inland and possibly see some rain a little bit later on this week. we have a cold system diving in the bay area. another look at the new lights up there and it's looking good so far. the temperatures all over the map right now. 39 degrees in livermore, 47 in san francisco, and 50 degrees in oakland. as you travel around, the ridge of high pressure building back in. you see another system off the coastline. that's going to skirt ahead on tuesday. probably ramp up the winds on tuesday into wednesday and by thursday, possibly friday, maybe some rain. 60s in the central valley. not bad there. 53 degrees in yosemite, and
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lake tahoe. should begin to break up through the middle of the day. and sit on the coastline and surge on shore overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. almost a spring like pattern with the low clouds and fog. temperatures today going to be down a bit. 55 degrees and cool in pacifica with the fog. 54 in brentwood. a little cool inside the bay, 57 in san francisco and 61 in santa rosa. next couple days we will watch the temperatures drop through wednesday and then on thursday and friday, a chance of cold showers drying out sunshine returns next weekend. let's check out the roads now with elizabeth. outside right now it is not too bad on bay area roadways, off to a nice quiet start for the most part on this monday morning. here's a live look at the nimitz. 15 minutes is the drive time between 238 and the maze.
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if you're traveling across the upper decks should have no problems up the incline and finish island. there are testing the new led lights, no the metering lights and delay. san mateo bridge, same story crossing westbound 92. this is the view across the span. it's a flat section and coming off the high-rise, a pretty easy commute. this is one we've been following in contra costa avenue. it is on the city streets. a car actually ran off the roadway, hit a power pole. there are live wires down. just a heads up if you're in the area. we're not sure about the extent of the damage done but not on the main lines of 680 freeway. and one earlier crash, northbound 101 at mce key, it is gone, out of here, and 280 and guadalupe parkway, everything moving at the limit.
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and 880 and 237 nice and quiet and the golden gate bridge doing lane changes across the span right now. other than that, no delay into san francisco. that is traffic, back to you. thanks. 4:47, developing news in southern california, at least 8 people are dead and 40 injured after a mexican tour bus crashes on a mountainous road. the bus had brake problems, rear ended a e sedan and flipped over and hit the pickup truck. the passengers a group from tiawana war veteran. the murders happened saturday at a shooting range near glen rose texas. one of the victims was chris kyle, a former navy seal who wrote about his experience in the book american sniper. after the shootings, 25-year- old eddie ray routhe drove to his sister's home and confessed
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to her. he was later arrested. >> they had four shotguns on him i believe. >> he was known for helping veterans returning to normal life after returning from active duty. kyle and the other victim were helping routhe when they were shot and killed. president obama heading to minnesota to discuss the administration's gun control plan. it was a big issue on sunday morning talk shows over the weekend. the president wants congress to have a ban on assault weapons, limit the number of clips they can hold and require universal background checks. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. the criminals aren't going o -- to comply. >> they are way too readily available. >> the president's proposals are also including an increase in mental health resources which became a big issue after
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the school massacre in connecticut. president obama talked about a number of issues with cbs news' scott pelley. the president says he feels the boy scouts of america should open its membership to gays. >> i think that, you know, my attitude is that gays and lesbians should have access and opportunity the same way everybody else does. >> boy scout leaders announced last week they are considering now overturning their long standing ban on homosexuals. the organization meets this week to decide that issue. bill clinton will speak today at a funeral service of ed koch. he was a long time friend of the mayor that passed away on friday. it's not clear if hillary clinton will attend. koch advised hillary in 2000. mayor michael bloomberg will
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deliver the euology y. kerry had lunch with former secretary of state a george, who is 92 and will introduce himself to state department employees. the dow will open this week trading at a five year high. stocks rallied friday after an encouraging jobs report. good news on manufacturing sector. dow landed 149 points on friday. it was a big day. they had 14,000, and the nasdaq added 37 points on friday. the lights are back on o, what caused last night's big power outage at the super bowl. plus the other reason to watch the game, which super bowl commercial scored big time and who let the dogs out. we have your puppy highlights, that and much more when we come back.
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high pressure trying to build in, a lot of clouds outside. will we see sunshine. we will talk about that coming up; and this back to work monday, a live look. the golden gate bridge, bay bridge and san mateo bridge b problem 3, all moving at the limits and overnight road work, we'll tell you about that coming up. what could be a winner and a loser every super bowl sunday but the animal planets puppy bowl always a big win. it provides national exposure to the shelters across the country that provide for the animals. puppies are the athletes and move over, the kittens are the half-time show. i know a lot of people probably
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watched that last night. as anyone who has ever watched the super bowl knows, the commercials also provided a lot of entertainment. julie watts with some of the winning and losing ones. >> i like the commercials, that's why i come to these parties. >> reporter: for some it's the reason they came. >> i'm hear for the game. >> reporter: for others, they're simply a distraction, what makes a great super bowl ad and you'll likely get a similar answer. >> humor,. >> comedy,. >> funny, funny. >> reporter: in addition to the football pool, we poled fans at this party, quarter by quarter, tracking their favorite ads, the big winners of the party were some of the favorites online, with doritos, taco bell, we are young both trending on twitter. >> the taco bell commercial was one of the many to forego the
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measly $4,000,000.30 second spot, both taco bell and doritos are in the top spot. and this r year included plenty of sexy and some centimental. >> reporter: asking fans to help name the klydeddale colt there was one type of commercial that frustrated some fans. >> that's 60 seconds, for crying out loud. >> those they've already seen. >> time for another commercial. >> i want to see something different, something i haven't seen before. >> and nearly 4 million for 30 seconds, the ads we've seen were the big losers, and the winners were the audi prom commercials, doritos, dress up dad, the taco bell old people
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and the clydesdale, doritos, buzz wiser and taco bell. they did crowd sources ahead of time, meaning they had social media buzz in the days and weeks up to the game and certainly going to e see more in the days and weeks to come. julie watts cbs 5. coming up at 6:15, michelle will be live in new orleans with the hits and misses in the super bowl commercial. she'll have an ad expert coming up shortly. and we'd like you to weigh in, what feels your favorite super bowl commercial. comment on facebook at twitter, we'll read some of those a little bit later in the show. 4:57, the ravens hold off the 49ers in super bowl xlvii. how 9ers fans reacted to the loss in the bay area, and a
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plane crash caught on camera, how five people walked away from this wreck coming your way. (screaming) what kind of man kills a... ...cop in cold blood? re-creating a fan-favorite episode... hey! ...from the original hawaii five-o. you think he's going to kill again? the question is: how many people are on the list? with guest star peter weller. it's bang-bang time. kono: he's on the roof. i'm going to draw his fire. take the shot. go retro with the new hawaii five-o. exactly. cbs tonight.
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are you getting this, honey? man: oh, prime time! we are rolling. all right, mama's gonna bring it home, mama's gonna bring it home. ok, ok! ooh, backwards! man: oh, don't... it went into bob and carol's yard. oh no! ok, here it goes! man: oh, mom-sanity! announcer: challenge your kids to be active and eat healthy. all right, let's see what you can do. let's go. announcer: they might surprise you. search "we can" for more ideas on how you and your kids can get healthy together. hey, yo, check out this chef, right? right? that's so gay. that's really gay. dude, look at those pants. please don't say that. what? don't say that something is gay when you mean that something is dumb or stupid. it's insulting. it's like if i thought this pepper shaker was stupid, and i said, "man this pepper shaker is so 16-year-old boy with a cheesy mustache." just saying.
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win, so wh you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. baltimore's blow out, the ravens top the 49ers were the big super bowl winners, so what caused the lights unprecedented power outage. and a disappointed city reacts, good behavior prevails but that doesn't stop everyone in san francisco. low clouds and fog have moved back and will we see sunshine and will we see rain. we have more commuter lanes open, golden gate bridge, looking pretty good so far this morning. much more on the morning commute coming up. good morning everyone, it is monday, the day after the big super bowl february the 4th. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5. michelle is still in
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new orleans. she's going to join us in a couple minutes. first, football season, well, it's over, and it's not the way bay area fans wanted it to end including the 49ers. the baltimore ravens came out on top of a disappointed 49ers game. this was a huge touchdown right before the half. as they go in for the score, nobody covering there, but the lights go out in the second half, and the 9ers erupt. this is how the second half opened up. jacoby jones touchdown all the way in. let's check in with vinita nair. she's live in new orleans with a wrap of the whole super bowl. >> reporter: good morning. we now know more about the lights being turned out that lasted for 34 minutes during the game last night. authorities are telling us there was a piece of equipment responsible for monitoring the electricity in the building. it sensed a problem and defaulted by shutting down some of the nights. the

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